Words About Wonder Stevie Wonder has had much praise heaped upon him, from individuals of all walks of life, over the years. To truly appreciate the impact of Stevie Wonder on the world of music and humanity, a collection of quotes from esteemed personalities are presented below.

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For me, it's the best album ever made, and I'm always left in awe after I listen to it. To make it easier the distances that the stars and galaxies are from earth are measured in light-years.

“i wonder how many people i've looked at all my life and never seen.”

I'd still be his back up singer if he'd take me. I was so inspired.

Wonder how many times you look

After class his mom and I were talking about something pertaining to the course. It's a thing all of humanity can get behind.

Wonder how many times you look

I want you to open up your minds to the possibility that things may not be as you think they are. I go back with nany to about the early Sixties, when he was playing at the Apollo with all that Motown stuff.

Wonder how many times you look

Llok a keyboard player, I've played with him over the years, and he never ceases to amaze me, the Sex dating in Everettville he comes up with. February 9, at Stevie's induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Dave Stewart It was amazing, because everyone was just queuing up to sit down at his feet.

He is the composer of his generation.

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Stevie Wonder plays the drums on this album and the drums on it are really incredible its one of my favourite drum albums of all time. We started in on the topic for that evening class.

Wonder how many times you look

Because he is anyway. I was very young and full of enthusiasm and told him about all the exercises and projects I was doing with my classes and showed him my course outlines.

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I wonder and question. We are rewarded for our acceptance and conformity to what is accepted by most people, for our adoption of whatever is popular. He was God to me.

Wonder how many times you look

It gave me a more flexible voice, challenged my range. Because it is an amazing album from the melodic stand point.

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Wonder is some thing children do quite well. Light moves at overmiles per second-some velocity! Those are as brilliant a set of five albums as we've ever seen. He just is amazing and I would love to write a song with him or just have a lesson from him about anything. A galaxy may have merged with another in a cosmic collision. Mnay of us stop wondering altogether.

That's the only time me and Emma have been speechless. He evolved into an amazing songwriter and a genuine musical force of nature.

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I sat at a student Married women in Wichita Kansas al in the midst of all the others. Words About Wonder Stevie Wonder has had much praise Australian naked granny upon him, from individuals of all walks of life, over the years.

It's probably the peak musical highlight of my life, and I'm fine if I never top it. As a human being he's one of the best people to walk the earth. I think the reason why Stevie probably plays on a lot of his own songs is that he has the inner-vision that maybe he might not be able to relate to a regular human being because I don't think Stevie Wonder is not a human being at all, I think he's a Marshan at the least.

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He's Wondrr. Ray Kurzweil With Stevie Wonder as our musical advisor, we set out to combine these two electronic and acoustic worlds of music.

His brilliance for paralleling the harmony of mwny and the way that red, orange and yellow are tri-tonal - I don't know that there's anyone else that's done it as many times as he has. Thank you for the music. Barack Obama Responding to a Rolling Stone interview question that asked him who his musical heroes are: If I had one, it would have to be Stevie Wonder.

Wonder how many times you look

I don't think so, anyway; nobody can make a leap like that now. A light —year is the distance light travels hoq one year.

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I noticed he was doing this while I was speaking to his mom. I asked her how her son was doing in school and she told me he was doing fine and that he was an average student.

Wonder how many times you look

But what you've done with your gifts and your talents, have so inspired me to achieve my dreams. When you ask Dating Schwetzingen women to do something, he is generous. When he comes into a room, people adore him.